Life gets a little crazy in the world of business ownership sometimes. Maintenance is just one of the many areas of logistics and operations that you must consider and areas of your building tend to get more and more overlooked the further back you go.

At Fernic Building Solutions, we recognize the significance of meticulous cleaning and the often-neglected corners that demand attention. Whether you’re handling building maintenance in-house or you’re hiring a professional janitorial company, here’s a rundown of business areas often neglected by janitorial companies.

1. High-Traffic Zones

While routine cleaning covers general areas of your building, high-traffic zones like entryways, corridors and communal spaces endure heavier footfall. These areas accumulate dirt, grime and germs more rapidly, necessitating more frequent cleaning to maintain a pristine appearance.

2. Air Vents and Ducts

Neglecting air vents and ducts can lead to the circulation of dust, allergens and pollutants that can be difficult to see,, impacting indoor air quality without even realizing it. Comprehensive janitorial services should include regular inspections and cleaning of these vital components to ensure a healthy work environment.

3. Behind Appliances and Furniture

Often hidden from plain sight, areas behind appliances, desks and furniture can become reservoirs for dust and debris. Thoroughly cleaning these spaces not only enhances cleanliness, but also contributes to a healthier workspace for employees. (Not to mention, it has granular ramifications on bills and cleaning expenses.)

4. Light Fixtures and Ceilings

Dusty light fixtures and ceilings are often overlooked but can significantly impact the overall cleanliness and ambiance of a space. Regular cleaning of these areas not only maintains aesthetics, but also prevents dust particles from settling on surfaces below.

5. Hard-to-Reach Areas

Areas such as high shelves, tops of cabinets and ledges are commonly missed during routine cleaning. Proper attention to these spaces ensures a comprehensive cleaning approach, leaving no corner untouched.

6. Restrooms and Break Rooms

Though frequently cleaned, certain aspects of restrooms and break rooms can be overlooked. Grout lines, tile crevices and hard-to-reach spots require meticulous attention to maintain hygiene standards and prevent the buildup of bacteria and odors.

7. Exterior Surfaces

Janitorial services shouldn’t limit themselves to indoor spaces. Exterior surfaces like windows, entranceways and outdoor seating areas contribute to the overall impression of a business. Neglecting these areas can detract from the professionalism and appeal of the establishment.

By paying attention to these commonly overlooked areas, businesses can elevate their cleanliness standards and create a more pleasant, healthier and more professional environment for employees and visitors alike. To learn more about our customized janitorial services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and how we address your building’s maintenance needs, contact us for a no-obligation quote today!