How do professional window cleaning companies get commercial building windows to look so good? The only way to find out is to hear from them directly. Fortunately, we happen to be one of the best commercial window cleaning companies in Dallas-Fort Worth and have seen the best practices to pursue (and mistakes to avoid) over the years, so we can help you out.

Let’s go over commercial window cleaning tips.

1. Use the Right Equipment 

Old rags aren’t going to cut it for a commercial business. Make sure you have all the (new) supplies you need for proper window cleaning, such as a bucket, scrubber, microfiber cloths, window cleaning solutions and a sturdy ladder, to name a few. The higher-quality the tools you use, the better your results.

2. Clean at the Right Time

There’s a right time and a wrong time to clean windows. Cleaning windows under direct sunlight, for example, can cause streaks to form if the window dries too quickly. Also, it’s not ideal to clean while raining, for obvious reasons. Your best bet is to go for a cloudy day where there is still plenty of sunlight, but not directly on the windows you’re cleaning.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions vary in quality and effectiveness. Avoid anything with harsh chemicals that can damage window surfaces or leave streaks. You could even make your own cleaning solution with water and dish soap, but the ideal option is to let a professional company handle your window cleaning, as they have access to commercial-grade supplies.

4. Master Your Techniques

A person who operates a squeegee properly can accomplish anything. Well, maybe not, but they can at least clean a window correctly. Get to know all of the tools involved in window cleaning and practice tasks like dusting, applying cleaning solution and wiping in a straight line.

5. Don’t Forget the Details

From the edges and corners of the windows to the frames and tracks, there are areas that can be easy to miss (or avoided if the person is feeling lazy). Not cleaning these areas will cause your window to get dirty quicker. Make sure you think beyond the panes when it comes to window cleaning.

6. Schedule the Next Window Cleaning!

Finally, make sure you schedule the next cleaning, as it’s easy to lose track of when it’s time for another round. A good goal is to aim for anywhere from once a month up to twice a year, depending on your needs. At Fernic, we’d be happy to consult with you and offer a more specific guideline on cadence for your window cleanings.

If you’re interested in more commercial window cleaning advice—or you’re interested in hiring Fernic Building Solutions as your building’s window cleaner—request a quote today!