America generates more waste than any nation in the world, with 4.5 pounds of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated per person, per day. Fifty-five percent of this is residential garbage, but this waste extends to professional environments as well. 

From employee time and energy to supplies and equipment, attempting to handle all of your building’s cleaning and maintenance yourself can be overwhelming. Here’s how commercial building companies can help prevent waste

Time Savings

Whenever you outsource a service, you save your employee some time. After all, somebody has to do it, so if you don’t hire someone for it, the task inevitably falls on you or your employees at some point. While this is manageable up to a point, it’s a big waste for you as a business because it’s taking time away from someone who likely specializes in another area. The bigger your company, the time you can waste trying to maintain it.

Repairs and Maintenance

Doing the little things and completing small tasks helps prevent issues in the long run. So while dusting and changing filters might not seem like that have a big impact on your building or environment in the short term, it could reduce its longevity and cost you more than you realize in the long run. This is why many companies outsource commercial cleaning and maintenance tasks, because they’re always needed, yet they help so much.

Avoiding Cross Contamination

For restaurants or buildings where food is handled, food waste can be a big issue. Whether you have to throw away a batch of products or you have customers with allergies, cross-contamination issues are no fun, but a commercial building company can help. Due to strict training, years of experience and an attention to detail, the professionals can help you set up proper protocols and avoid cross-contamination mistakes other businesses make.

Equipment and Supplies

Do you have the cleaning supplies and gear you’ll need on hand to handle needs throughout the year? If you order too much of a product, it could create waste if you’re unable to use it by the recommended date. Or, it might not be high quality and is just a waste of an expense. Either way, a commercial building company can help you prevent waste by taking a look at your equipment and supplies practices and making adjustments.

Fuel and Other Miscellaneous Waste

Both contract and in-house maintenance work can involve a lot of trips, especially if you don’t have the right supplies or tools on hand. Repeated trips to the home improvement store is a big waste of fuel, but one you can minimize if the company is familiar with how to best maintain and clean your facility with top efficiency.

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