If you don’t think credentials are a big deal, you might want to think again. After all, you wouldn’t trust a nursing student to perform brain surgery, would you? No, you would trust a surgeon who has vast amounts of education and hundreds of successful surgeries under his or her belt.

Commercial cleaning is the same way. Partnerships with professional organizations, positive reviews and licenses all add credibility to the commercial cleaning service you’re considering. Let’s discuss why this is the case.

Why Reviews Matter

There are two types of reviews that impact a commercial cleaning service’s reputation: company/service review sites (like Angie’s List) and customer reviews. The former can be unbiased, but many of these professional reviewing sites also encourage businesses to pay them for better scores or promotion. The website may have never even seen the cleaning company in action.

Customer reviews, on the other hand, are usually from people who have used the business cleaning company’s services (just like you’re considering). It’s usually easy to tell a fake review from a real one, but be wary of only positive or only negative reviews, as something may be off.

Why Professional Partnerships Matter

Certain organizations can give you more confidence about the commercial cleaning service you’re considering, as they’re basically a professional version of a referral. Many of these partner organizations also provide valuable resources and feedback. For example, at Fernic Building Solutions we have partnerships with BOMA Fort Worth, BOMA Dallas, the BBB and the Frisco Chamber.

Why Other Credentials Matter

There are several other credential-related areas that can boost your confidence about a given commercial cleaning company as well. For example, background checks on individual employees help you trust them, while insurance coverage indicates that the cleaning company likely doesn’t have a track record of incidents and has been deemed worthy of coverage. Dig a little and find what is most important to you.

Why Satisfaction Matters

The biggest credential might be the company’s satisfaction guarantee, if it has one. This shows the company is committed to excellence, follows up on completed jobs and ensures you’re satisfied with the services they performed for you. In the construction industry, it’s ideal to have a cleaning partner you can rely on for job after job, so make sure they at least guarantee your satisfaction.
If you’re interested in professional cleaning services you can count on, look no further than Fernic Building Solutions. Contact us today!