As anyone with experience in the category can tell you, not all cleaning services are created equal. This is no more evident than with jobs, buildings or sites that need specialized cleaning and sanitization. Construction is one such industry, as the new building occupant will want the space move-in ready. 

When it comes to cleanup after construction projects in particular, there are certain essentials the company you hire must have. Let’s go over five of them.

1. Reputable Reviews

Is the cleaning service reputable? They should have a track record of reviews, preferably positive. Be wary of perfect scores or no scores, as both can indicate a lack of industry experience. If you can find reviews that mention “construction” and similar terms, that’s a great indicator of the cleaning services’ capabilities for your project. Word-of-mouth endorsements can also go a long way toward understanding a cleaning company’s reputation.

2. Professional Website

Professionalism is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to potentially dangerous places like construction sites (e.g. nails, screws, wood shrapnel, etc.). Make sure the construction cleaning service not only has a professional website, but a working phone number, responsive contacts and uniformed employees. 

3. Documented Process

Does the construction cleaning service tell you what they will do before you commit to them? It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but having a documented process shows that:

  • The company is demonstrably experienced
  • Transparency is a priority
  • Customer experience is valued

At Fernic, for example, we have a documented construction cleaning service process on our website, which gives you a good idea of all that we do to clean up after a construction project.

4. Industry Expertise

This may be the most important essential on this list. Does the cleaning service have any experience or knowledge of your industry and the proper methods for cleaning construction sites? If not, it may put you and your customers at risk. Ask questions before committing to ensure the company knows how to do a thorough job for your specialty needs.

5. Commitment to Quality

At the end of the day, a commitment to quality will give you peace of mind about the performance of a construction cleaning service. The company should be upfront about fees, services and communication involved in your partnership. Little things like touch-up cleaning also show that the cleaning service pays attention to detail.

For the best construction cleaning service, look no further than Fernic Building Solutions. Contact us today!