Congratulations! Your commercial construction project is complete. The last nail has been hammered in and the last coat of paint has been applied. Before you show it off to the building owner, however, there’s still more to be done—specifically, cleaning the job site.

There are correct and incorrect ways to do it. Make sure you’re considering these five tasks for your post-construction cleaning.

1. Remove Debris

Start with the biggest materials to remove, such as debris. These can be cleared away manually, but an industrial-grade sweeper is more efficient and effective (especially for large areas). Equipped with robust brushes and other features, these sweepers make quick work of clearing your construction residue. Don’t have this tool on hand? A commercial cleaning company like Fernic Building Solutions will have top-notch equipment to do the job.

2. Dust Control/Soil Aeration

If there’s one thing that construction projects create, it’s dust. This common byproduct settles on surfaces and compromises air quality, in addition to other drawbacks. This is where a turf vacuum comes in handy, as it can filter and capture fine dust particles and promote a dust-free environment. These devices also serve a dual purpose, as they can contribute to soil aeration and promote a healthier and more vibrant landscape.

3. Overseeding

If you’re dealing with a construction project that isn’t from the ground up, you’ll likely be working on an existing house. As such, it will already have a lawn in place and the project itself can take a toll on it. Responsible contractors will do their best to rejuvenate and repair the lawn, if necessary. A commercial cleaning company will have machinery to help with this as well.

4. Pathway Cleanup

Whether it’s a sidewalk, pathway or other paved surface, make sure it isn’t stained and dirty once you’re done with your construction project. Pressure washers are key here, as they are powerful and remove stubborn dirt and grime. Thanks to adjustable pressure settings, these are versatile enough to avoid causing damage.

5. Final Touches

After you’re done cleaning, give everything a final touch-up to ensure it looks your best and represents your company well. This can include edging the flower beds, polishing surfaces and repairing any nicks, dents or damage in the walls or on the floors. 

If you’re in need of a post-construction cleaning service, consider Fernic Building Solutions. We have years of experience and can greatly improve your jobsite cleanup efficiency so you can move on to the next one faster.