Certain professional services can involve more than their words imply. For example, a “car wash” could be something as simple as soap and water. Or, it could involve a detailed interior and exterior cleaning, touch-ups, waxing/polishing and more. Building maintenance is similar in that it can be as broad or detailed as needed.

From carpet and window cleaning to restroom sanitization and power washing, there are a wide variety of ways to improve your building’s maintenance levels. Let’s go over nine of them.

1. Hard Surface Floors

Floors with hard surfaces provide great protection, but are difficult to maintain without the proper equipment. A building maintenance company can restore hard surfaces and maximize their lifespan. This includes everything from porcelain and marble to concrete.

2. Window Cleaning

Have multiple windows in your building? Window cleaning services could be what you need to give the outdoor appearance of your business a boost. Whether you’re in the automotive industry, healthcare or an office building, a building maintenance company has you covered.

3. Carpet Cleaning

High-traffic flooring with carpet can attract all sorts of germs, dust and grime. Regular maintenance and cleaning is crucial for both appearance and hygiene. This building maintenance service applies to shampooing, steam cleaning, repairs and also carpet replacements/extractions.

4. Floor Equipment Repair

Even well-maintained floors need to be repaired on occasion. Whether it’s because of an incident or natural wear and tear, a building maintenance company can revitalize your floors with equipment like automatic scrubber machines, vacuums and more.

5. Make-Ready Services

Looking to clean up after a construction contract? Want to get your building or facility ready for operations and conducting normal business again? Make-ready services from a building maintenance company can ensure the process is convenient and reduce downtime.

6. Restroom Sanitation

Restrooms arguably need to be cleaned more thoroughly than any other room, for most businesses at least. With restroom sanitization services, you can ensure restroom equipment and parts are in optimal shape and that there are proper air freshener services in place.

7. Paper Goods

If you use a lot of paper products at your office, a building maintenance company can help you with managing and supplying them. From inventory and stocking to delivery, this service underscores the capabilities of a good building maintenance company.

8. Pressure Washing Services

Commercial warehouses, mechanic shops and other commercial businesses with driveways, parking lots and sidewalks can benefit from pressure washing services. These types of businesses can all benefit from a thorough cleaning from time-to-time.

9. Outdoor Maintenance

Finally, other outdoor areas that should be maintained include painting (both indoor and outdoor), parking lot striping, outdoor lighting, landscaping, drywall and more. Be sure to ask the building maintenance company you’re considering about all of the services they provide.

If you’re interested in these building maintenance services and more, contact us today to learn more about Fernic Building Solutions.