Finding an ideal partner for professional services is a tough task. You almost have to get lucky, unless you know what to look for. This is true for homeowners, but is especially true for business owners who have to think about their bottom line and a variety of other factors that impact livelihood.

If you’re considering partnering with a building maintenance company for your facility, there are certain factors that will ensure you’re choosing the right one. Let’s go over a few of them.


First, the building maintenance company needs to be reliable. You can’t have them showing up late (or not at all) for jobs. You should be able to count on them showing up at the agreed-upon time and completing the job efficiently. If you’re considering a company, watch for warning signs of a lack of reliability, such as schedules that are too busy, employees who don’t give you full attention and multiple requests to push back an appointment.


Next, the building maintenance company should be adaptable to your needs. You might have different types of building maintenance services you’re interested in. Or, you might have an event coming up, a remodel/renovation scheduled and/or a timely project. Whatever your needs, a building maintenance company should be flexible enough to either address them, provide suggestions or communicate with you about your options.


Cheaper isn’t always better. Make sure the building maintenance company you’re considering is credible by verifying their phone number, address and website. Other signs that a building maintenance company is credible and worth considering:

  • A professional, updated website
  • Active social media properties
  • Several reviews from real customers
  • Partnerships with professional organizations
  • A track record of successful jobs and happy customers


Ultimately, you want your building maintenance company (or any professional service company you’re considering, for that matter) to operate with integrity. You want to have peace of mind about them doing the right thing and being honest with you about issues that come up. When you know a building maintenance service company has integrity, you have more confidence about them delivering on other areas of your relationship, from attentiveness to thoroughness.

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