Why are the seasons such a big deal? Because they impact our daily lives. Factors like temperature, precipitation, ice, heat and natural disasters present various risks to us, our belongings and our properties.

Commercial building maintenance is no different—the needs change with the seasons. The tasks to complete in winter will look different than they do in the summer. So, what are maintenance best practices when it comes to fall? That’s what we’re covering today.

Start with the Exterior

A thorough audit or inspection is a good place to start when it comes to fall building maintenance. Check the roof, windows, doors and other areas to see if there is any abnormal wear and tear or repairs that need to be addressed. This is when you will often find hidden water or other damage due to the elements.

Check Major Systems Next

Some of the most important systems in a commercial building are HVAC and plumbing. But you need to be intentional about maintaining these major systems, as you don’t see them every day. They’re often hidden and should be accessed by a professional. But determining your major needs first will help with other tasks on this building maintenance list.

Think About Safety

Next, make sure your lighting, flooring and landscaping are all safe and free from obstacles that could present a safety hazard. Replace burned-out bulbs and ensure proper lighting at all access points and popular customer areas. Make sure all signage is displayed properly, all walkways are clear and that your team has proper building safety training.

Perform Your Maintenance Tasks

After you’ve figured out everything you need to do for your building, it’s time to do it! Some notes here would be to ensure customers aren’t interrupted or negatively impacted by the work. This means closing off areas that are being worked on, installing additional signage or tape and communicating with customers about precautions they should take.

Clean and Disinfect Last

Once you finish your inspections, maintenance tasks and repairs, it’s time for a proper cleaning and disinfection of everything as we approach colder weather. Cold season is coming up and it’s especially important for employees and customers to be healthy. (Fernic Building Solutions is proud to provide some of the best commercial cleaning services in Dallas-Fort Worth.)

Start Prepping for Winter

Once you’re done with fall, you can get started on the next season. (Trust us, you’ll thank us later.) Get started on arranging ice control services or products and make sure you have salt and sand on hand to prevent slips on slick surfaces.

If you’re interested in more commercial building maintenance tips or would like to request a quote for building maintenance services in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Fernic today!