When you own a business, your focus remains on the bottom line. This is why many businesses choose to be employee-owned, as each employee is more invested in the business. As such, business owners are always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing quality of product or services.

Take commercial cleaning services, for example. This is just one area of your business, but it’s an example of an area where you can save money if you choose the right one or you could experience some costly, even icky, situations if you do not. Let’s discuss a few reasons why.

Equipment and Furniture

From coffee machines and printers to office chairs and tables, your business has more equipment and furniture than you might think. The only question is, are you cleaning them? Many businesses only use cleaning services that focus on floors and trash. But the best, most thorough commercial cleaners get every nook and cranny, including equipment, appliances and furniture. Taking better care of these extends their lifespan and the amount of time that passes before you need to replace them, thus saving you money.

Business Downtime

When certain aspects of your business aren’t maintained properly, it can result in downtime for repairs or maintenance. The last thing you want is to shut your doors during normal hours. By maintaining and cleaning every element of your facility, you can catch issues before they become a bigger problem (e.g. water damage on the floors or walls in a little-used room).

Employee Absences

Commercial cleaners also save your business money when it comes to employees and absences. A cleaner environment has fewer germs and a reduced risk of employees transferring viruses. Make sure the commercial cleaning company you’re considering thoroughly sanitizes all common contact points and common germ-infested areas. Absent employees put greater strain on employees who are there and can cost you if you need to hire a temporary replacement.

Employee Productivity

In addition to fewer absences, your employees will be more productive in a clean environment, as many recent studies show. With clean space that is free from clutter, employees can better focus on the tasks at hand instead of what is and isn’t clean. This directly translates to your bottom line, as employee performance often dictates how much a business saves.

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