Are all cleaning companies the same? No, for a number of reasons. Most obvious is the commercial cleaning and residential cleaning distinction and just how important it is to find a company that specializes in the one you need. There are other differences between these two types of cleaning services. Here are some of them.


The scale of the cleaning operation is one of the primary differences between residential and commercial cleaning. Residential cleaning typically involves a smaller area, such as a house, apartment or condo, while commercial cleaning involves larger areas such as office buildings, restaurants and hotels. A company that specializes in residential cleaning only might not be able to handle the scale of commercial cleaning, so this is an important consideration.


Residential cleaning is usually done on a regular basis, such as weekly or bi-weekly, while commercial cleaning may occur daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the needs of the business. Also, these businesses typically have different busy periods of the year and will have different availability as a result. 


Residential cleaning generally uses household cleaning supplies and equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops and brooms, while commercial cleaning requires industrial-grade equipment and cleaning agents to handle larger spaces and more frequent cleaning needs. A residential cleaner usually won’t have the equipment and supplies on hand for bigger commercial jobs with more stringent cleaning requirements.


Commercial cleaning often requires specialized training and expertise due to the more complex cleaning tasks and safety requirements involved. Residential cleaning may not require the same level of specialized knowledge or training.

Health and Safety Regulations

Commercial cleaning is subject to a range of health and safety regulations that may not apply to residential cleaning. For example, commercial cleaners may need to comply with OSHA regulations and use specialized cleaning agents to meet safety standards.

Timing and Efficiency

Commercial cleaning often requires cleaning tasks to be completed within a specific timeframe to minimize disruption to business operations. Residential cleaning can be more flexible in terms of timing. But if you’re looking for as little downtime as possible for your business, go with commercial cleaners.
In summary, commercial cleaning involves a larger scale, specialized equipment and cleaning supplies, a greater need for expertise and training and adherence to more stringent health and safety regulations. For the best commercial cleaners in Dallas-Fort Worth, look no further than Fernic Building Solutions. Contact us today to get started!