Contrary to what advertisements may lead you to believe, fear isn’t limited to Halloween. There are scary situations we encounter every day; some are smaller issues that can be ignored and others are bigger problems that need to be addressed. Building maintenance definitely falls in the latter category, as it can have a big impact on your bottom line (and the safety of your customers and employees).

Let’s go over some scary building maintenance problems that you’ll want to avoid.

Problem #1: Weakening Infrastructure

Cracks in the wall, loose handrails and other signs can indicate that there is an issue with your building’s infrastructure. It’s a wise idea to have a professional take a closer look with an inspection, as hidden problems can be related to the foundation or support. Cracks and smaller infrastructure issues can possibly be addressed with cosmetic fixes, but serious issues usually require a repair, renovation or adjustment to your building maintenance plan.

Problem #2: Faulty Air Conditioning

Your building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has a variety of components that require maintenance and/or are prone to failure. Thermostats need to be calibrated, filters need to be changed, coils need to be cleaned and other components need to be inspected. Clogs and leaks can also occur. The good news is that many HVAC repairs and replacements can be avoided by taking care of the system properly. This is important for both safety reasons and for the comfort of your guests/associates.

Problem #3: Plumbing/Electrical Issues

Just as all homeowners have to deal with plumbing and electrical issues from time-to-time, such is the case with business owners. Electrical issues can range from a light bulb burning out to an overloaded circuit or wiring complications in an electrical system. The same goes for plumbing. In either situation – whether it’s proactive or reactive – calling in a professional is usually the wisest decision to ensure the safety of everyone involved. (It also helps you find the right solution the first time.)

Problem #4: Poor Lighting

One area of your building that is easy to forget is its exterior. Proper lighting is important for navigating walkways and access points and even seemingly small things like visible parking space lines need to be maintained. Whether it’s adding a new coat of paint or installing a security system and/or lighting, a building maintenance company can help you avoid scary building maintenance problems down the road.

If you’d like to avoid building maintenance problems like these, contact us today for a quote.