Summer is known for several things. Vacations, baseball, road trips and the beach all come to mind. But did you know that it’s also an ideal time for commercial cleaning of your facility?

Here are several reasons why summer can be an ideal time to hire a commercial cleaning service for your business.

More Flexible Schedules

During the summer months, people may take vacations or time off work, making it easier to schedule a commercial cleaning service at a convenient time. This applies to both you as the business owner and for the cleaning company itself, as there may be more openings on their calendar to serve your needs.

Longer Daylight Hours

Days are longer during the summer and that means cleaning services can work for longer hours, as well as complete the job more quickly and efficiently. This is especially true for outdoor building maintenance needs, such as commercial power washing, painting and roofing and concrete or asphalt repair or cleaning services. 

Better Weather Conditions

In many regions, summer weather is typically drier and warmer than other seasons, and Texas is certainly no different. This can make it easier to clean and dry surfaces, carpets and upholstery because there is no extra moisture that can be tracked in (and the mud, dirt and grime that comes along with it). Plus, there is no ice or snow to worry about.

Deeper Cleaning

Summer is a great time for a deep cleaning, as many Dallas-Fort Worth business owners take the opportunity to do spring cleaning or prepare for the upcoming fall season. This can include cleaning carpets, drapes and upholstery, as well as deep cleaning areas like bathrooms. There tends to be less foot traffic in the summer (depending on your business), so it’s another reason to take advantage of this time for proper cleaning and commercial sanitization.

Improved Air Quality

With more time spent outdoors during the summer, it’s important to have clean air inside your business facility. A professional cleaning service can remove allergens, dust and other pollutants from the air, improving indoor air quality. This is especially important for a growing area like Dallas-Fort Worth with a rising number of pollutants and its poor air quality rating due to population and traffic increases.

Overall, hiring a commercial cleaning service during the summer can help keep your business clean, your employees healthy and everyone ready for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.