Communication is important in many areas of life, from small events like fast-food orders to bigger issues like spousal relationships. This extends to professional environments as well, including the professional services companies you may use as a business owner, such as building cleaning and maintenance.

In fact, an open line of communication can be the difference between frustration and satisfaction. Let’s discuss why it’s important that your cleaning company provides you with an open line of communication.

To Update You On Findings

Just as a contractor repairing drywall can find hidden issues underneath, a cleaning company may discover an area that needs more attention than others. Or, there might be a damaged piece of equipment or underlying issues that affect surrounding assets. Of course, this may be a pretty uncommon update for standard jobs like restroom sanitation or window cleaning, but it’s very likely with a more intense service like hard floor surface restoration or equipment repair. Either way, it’s better to be informed about the situation, even if there are no major issues.

To Notify You About Changes

Another reason it’s beneficial to maintain an open line of communication with your cleaning company is so you can be notified about any potential changes to your service. For example, additional services may be recommended if there are health hazards or safety issues discovered during routine maintenance. Or, there may be a holiday or event that disrupts your regular cleaning or maintenance schedule. Whatever the reason for the change, the best cleaning companies will keep you in the loop about it so there are no frustrations or surprises when it comes to timing and expenses. 

To Ensure You’re Happy with Services

The most important reason, however, may just be to ensure you’re happy with services (and to make it right if you’re not). Feedback is how most companies learn how and where to improve, and cleaning companies are no different. At Fernic, we take customer reviews and recommendations seriously and keep customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list. If you’re not happy with any part of your building maintenance or cleaning services from us, let us know and we’ll ensure you’re satisfied.

To discuss our communication methods and how we work as a commercial cleaning company, contact us today.