We’ve been dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19 for two years now. There have been lots of struggles to overcome, but many good things resulted from the pandemic as well. Several of us have new hobbies and others are in the best shape of their lives. 

But what about business owners? What have we learned so far when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation? If there were mistakes, how can we avoid making them again in the future? We cover all of these questions in today’s post.

Proactivity Is King

Business owners who thrived during the pandemic were usually ones who were best prepared for extenuating circumstances. As it pertains to cleanliness, this means everything from signage to the safety plan for the facility maintenance team. Make sure you have a documented plan in place and that every area of your building is being repaired and cleaned properly (from the floors to the windows). By being proactive about cleanliness and safety, you’ll avoid having to make future adjustments in similar situations to COVID-19. 

Office Environments Change

In addition to requiring business owners to be proactive, the pandemic put an emphasis on the value of being adaptable as well. Many businesses went to remote or hybrid work models at the beginning of the pandemic, so office environments changed (and so did office needs). This provided a good opportunity for business owners to take a step back and look at their office environments. Ask yourself the following questions to see if there are changes needed:

  • Do I have an existing health and safety plan in place?
  • Do I trust the building maintenance company I’ve been using?
  • Are there any areas that aren’t being cleaned?
  • How will fewer on-site employees impact my business?
  • Am I in the right office environment?
  • Am I happy with the way my building is being maintained and cleaned?

Cleanliness Is Here To Stay

Finally, COVID-19 upped the priority level of cleanliness for all of us, including business owners. We shouldn’t be surprised if things like temperature checks and increased sanitation efforts are the norm moving forward. Even if they aren’t at some point, building owners now know the importance of proper building maintenance and that office workers value feeling safe. As such, having a reliable building maintenance company you can depend on is of utmost importance.

If you’re interested in building maintenance, cleaning or repair services, contact us today for a quote.