In Texas, it seems like there are only two seasons. One day you’re wearing shorts and the next day you’re trying to find where you stored that heavy coat. 

Cold weather can sneak up on business owners in a hurry, too, leaving you in a lurch when it comes to important maintenance services. To be proactive, you need to start preparing your facility now. Here are five ways you can do just that.

1. Tune Up Your Heater

One commercial HVAC issue that pops up unexpectedly is a failed heating system, which has likely been unused for six months or longer. If you don’t want to risk freezing out your employees and/or customers, it’s a good idea to schedule maintenance and/or replacement for your heater or furnace. Even if your heating unit is in good shape, a tune up can help maximize its life and prevent future issues.

2. Check for Roof/Ceiling Damage

Another area of your commercial business that may have unseen damage is the roof or ceiling. Texas gets its fair share of wind and hail throughout the year and it’s possible there are loose or damaged shingles, resulting in potential leaks and other damage to your facility ceiling. Whether your ceiling needs to be painted or you need light carpentry work, a building maintenance company like Fernic can help.

3. Correct Inefficiencies

From drafts caused by gaps around windows or doors to irrigation systems left on, there are likely several opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building before it starts impacting your utility bill. Strip and caulk all exterior doors/windows and turn off any sprinkler systems on the property. Cleaning gutters and other areas that aren’t maintained regularly is another good idea.

4. Prepare Walking Surfaces

The last thing you want is a customer or employee to slip and injure themselves on your property. If you have a parking lot, make sure it has plenty of salt to help people maintain traction (and keep it looking good). Clear any walkways and paths from debris or clutter and put down salt on any surface that is used for walking.

5. Get A Thorough Inspection

The best thing you can do to prepare your commercial building for winter is ultimately to get an inspection from a building maintenance company like Fernic. We have years of experience in this industry and know what problems to look for when it comes to preparing a commercial building for winter. We can give you tips and recommendations that you might not have thought about. It’s also much easier to identify opportunities during a walkthrough. 
If you’re interested in commercial building maintenance services, janitorial services or winter preparation services, contact us today!